Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Morrigan

I have a passion for Irish folklore and so wrote The Morrigan....She is a goddess of folklore who appears to those on battle grounds just before death..she is also the goddess of fertility and I like to think thats why she let Paddy live......

 THE TALE OF Paddy O:Rourke

 I lay on blood stained battle ground
with perished comrades groaning sound


crashing swords,as knife hit knife
what hellish place to lose yir life


and closed my dying tired eyes
amidst the fighting warrior:s cries


for reason still unknown to me
i open eyes ,before me see


a woman , taking form of crow
appears in times of wrath and woe


at time of death releases soul
in raven feathers black as coal


she whispers in my ear… goodbye
i scream at her don’t let me die


oh morrigan please let me live
my meg ,a child i want to give


she stares then smiles,.. then walks away
and lets me live another day


she spared this merest mortals life
returned to land returned to wife

she comes at death takes bravest men
but let me live,raise children ten


the morrigan,a goddess queen
on battle ground that day i seen

so now on newest eve of year
to  Morrigan i raise a cheer


and if on roofs there’s ravens sat
wish them good morning then tip my hat

© eliza 2010


  1. What a nice poem! thanks for sharing.

  2. I really enjoyed that! Thank you.

  3. nice poem. the painting is a little bit scary for me. hehe
    By the way, I really like your blog, so lovely. Definitely going to follow you! :D