Monday, 21 March 2011

Witches Galore

On attempting to fly on my broomstick tonight
 Though I tried  and I tried,I just couldn't  take flight

 And tonight of all nights my old  broom   playing up
 When I'm a contender for the witches gold   cup

  A prestige's award yes I've been nominated
  so please understand why I'm feeling frustrated

 After many a year wishing and praying
 Finally tonight I could have been saying

 Who I'd like to thank...then I'd start to cry
 This dream wont come true if old broomy wont fly

 Now I remember,my stupid old cat
 today peed on my broomstick and all over my hat

I'll cast her a spell my old broom I will dry
and as quick as a flash We'll be ready to fly


  1. thanks for following! i am an aspiring writer ^^

  2. Hi lovely lady. I love your sweet Story's !!! I would love to have one of your Book's sweet lady. Thanks so much for becoming one of my followers on my Tablescapes~~~ Im your newest followers on your Blog now.. I hope you have a Great Weekend... P.S I love all your Story's !!!

  3. Hi! Thank you for following my blog! Is your blog for poems?